Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm an at home Library Volunteer!! Perrrrfect!

Here I am, all excited about my new post as a library volunteer!:)

No, I don't work for Cafepress, I'm not even affiliated with Farmington Public Library Foundation Store (I didn't even know anything about them till I picked this design to put on here), I just like this retro looking design they sell on CafePress (just type in librarian on their search, and see what happens!)

I'm screamin, I'm screamin, after all you can't SsHH! me at home!!!:)

This new 'job' as a library volunteer doesn't even require a new wardrobe or even hardly leaving my house (if I wish not to)! I get to do what I would have done for medical transcription, kind of, by entering information for them at my home on my own computer for my state's geneology system!

What a cool job is that! It is a volunteer position, so I don't get paid, but I am still working at the baking position and I got my first paychecks for that and - Baaaaby, that's real cash money, know what I'm sayin'???!!! So, I'm getting paid for some of the work I do.

I could not help thinking, after meeting with the volunteer coordinator for the library system for my County, that this was God-given, I had been led here and didn't even really realize it. It's hard to explain but, for instance, if I can't medical transcript at home, I can do other things at home. I can still work outside the home and I have time to enter info for the library. I thank the Lord for leading and giving me this opportunity.

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