Monday, August 4, 2014

It's been two years and I am back! Good Stuff returns!

My Goodness! It has been TWO YEARS since I posted on the "The Good Stuff! WOW! Thank you to Everyone who comes back occasionally to see if anything is going on!

Oh yes, Good Stuff watchers! There IS good stuff going on!

I have grown greatly in two years and as far as my good stuff hobbies I have added greatly to them in that time span. Once again, I am not paid to shill for Craftsy, but I might as well be, because Craftsy has taught this Tart so much!! Annnd, wait for it....I have been able to even craft with others - yes! Be in the community and craft face to face, side by side, with Other People!! Whuuut?!

As many of you know, from coming from my other blog 'Adventures of a Jungletart' or perhaps you are new here today, so I should never assume that you know, I, amongst many other fabulous things about me, have Bipolar disorder.

As part of this post today, I just want to say that I have had remarkable stability, certainly in the past two years and much longer than that. I have developed a support system, I do work (part-time, and always keeping under any amount that would piss off Social Security) and I am getting to do Amazing things through my work, I take my meds faithfully, and I very much focus and use my coping skills (read: My Hobbies) to get me through as well.

So you see, Good Stuff, the blog, is very much a part of me. It's not "just" a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing where I'm nice and sweet in one place and there's hell to pay on the other. I have usually used 'Adventures of a Jungletart' to rant, rave and bitch (or just tell you how I am doing) and this blog to tell you Happy things. And I think that dynamic still works.

Thank you, Lovelies, for being here. I have a Mental Health Awareness Planning meeting to go to. We shall talk more! Talk to me in comments. Please be kind - as Jewel sings "I'm sensitive and want to stay that way."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello! GoodStuff continues!

The 2012 Emmy's. Suburgatory actress Jane Levy. A stylish dress to add to the GoodStuff blog!!
Hello GoodStuff enthusiasts! As a fantastic woman that happens to have Bipolar disorder, I am a Woman of Many Interests. Yes, I am a WOMI!!! I have coined something in a moment, at 4:08 a.m. that could last a lifetime!!

As a WOMI, I delve into many handicrafts, look at ALL kinds o' happy joyful stuff on the internet, and in general have TONS of interests.

One of my lastest interestes that I am delving into but has been there all along, is the idea of looking fabulous, stylish and lovely on a shoestring.

So, tonight, or should I say this morning since I cannot seem to get tired enough to sleep, I looked online at a couple of sites that coincide with some reading I have been doing from ~ you guessed it, the library (the most fantastic source of free Nearly Ever).

So I share with you some of the fun!

Websites: , , and Missus Smarty Pants Style blog who has a connection to . (Web search MSP actual website).


I know I haven't blogged here in a while. I wanted to do a little update on the blog on my present interests (which are MANY!) and I think I am blissfully & blessedly getting sleepy. But I shall make an effort to return soon and write more!! :) :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am still here and loving Good Stuff! Let's talk about Craftsy!:)

I have been very stable in my mental health recovery for a while now. Not perfect, not unbumpy this road, but stable. I have had ugly things go on in my life like many of us don't get me wrong.

I have the Good Stuff blog to tell the world about my joys and things that make me happy.  And I have been blessed to be able enjoy many crafts to make things with my own hands in this journey. I haven't stopped by the blog and talked with blogland in a while but I am still here and am proud to update you on my 'good stuff' of late today. :) is just THE COOLEST site!! You can take online classes there for a fee, and if you sign up for the newsletters and pay attention you can get discounts. You can also take workshops for usually less expensive on various topics. I won a T-shirt from them for taking the Stephane Japel (sp?) shrug workshop and answering some questions. I was soo excited to win something!! And I love that T-shirt.

I paid for a workshop to learn to make a cowl neck scarf that features a cable motif. For knitters, I'm telling you that the cable stitch is Not that hard. I thought for sure it was rocket science until I took a knit class from my local community college and asked my teacher to show me cables, intarsia (color knitting) and other 'complicated' stuff that I was afraid of. That teacher also encouraged me to make socks for which I am forever grateful. I didn't think I could. She/I proved myself wrong.

So back to Craftsy. I am, again, not paid or associated to shill for them, I simply adore them and love to say so. But that pattern for the cabled cowl is very easy and I am on my second one! Yes! The one I made just needs buttons and we good to go!:)

My first online class I signed up for is the sewing basics class by Debra (I believe) Rupp (I know her last name is correct). I happened to buy her book at 'Borders' before they went out of business so I was thrilled to find her on Craftsy giving a class on sewing a pillow and how to make both a muslin and real 'Naughty Secretary' skirt in her class.

I am still learning or waiting/procractinating to make the pillow. I have All the stuff to do it now - the material, thread and even the right size pillow form but have been, you guessed it, uber busy and have not done it yet. Debra walks you through it so thoroughly that I understand how to do it. I have just have been waiting until the sun, the moon and the stars align so I can sit down at my sewing machine (which I set up on my dining room table) and go at it.

Craftsy has deals to buy yarn (Yum!) and quilting fabric too, with Mystery boxes filled with yarn and needles and good stuff!!

My First Sock!!!

I am Soooo proud of it! It is large but notice the ribbing, the gussetts, the lovely color! I feel like a Gen-ius for making a SOCK!! I am working on the second one still. Good Stuff!! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's a new year!! Welcome 2012!!

It's a New Year and I am percolating my new projects for the year, trying to think ahead to yes...wait for it.. Christmas 2012!!

Christmas 2011 was good to me, especially the Joann Fabric's gift cards I received! Yaay!

I have just a little time to post at the moment but I want to thank readers for coming here, I hope 2012 is good to us all and I wish you a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is my wish or dream of what I would like to do next:

What in the world is this, do you wonder? Warp? Weft? It's all about the loom Darling! This is a short (4 minute) video on talking about putting all those pesky strings onto your loom. I wanna loom!!! I am *thinking* of joining a weaver's guild (& a sewing guild, but that is another post) to learn all things wonderful. Does anyone want to see my finished sock and the work I'm doing on the second of the pair? Post a comment, friends!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time to Post a Picture!

I have just been missing from this blog for a while and decided to make somebody's (anybody's?) day by posting! Yay!

I have been working on projects, especially sewing projects, which is a fairly new craft for me. I am very excited about it. Like I said on the Jungletart blog, I am taking an online class on Craftsy ("Sewing with Diana Rupp") and having a blast! I really like the online thing, the fact that I can keep referring to it forever and that I do understand the instruction. I am not paid to glow about it, I just feel like glowing about it!:)

I still have the Jungle, a Pug is sleeping on me right now making wonderful dreaming sounds. Come to think of it, I should be doing the same thing, so I will sign off for now. Hopefully, it won't be too long before I am back again! Good night all.:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

a beautiful heart-shaped flower in my friend's yard

So it's been so long since I've posted on 'The Good Stuff.' I still adore 'He's Alive' by Dolly Parton and it expresses how I feel about Easter. I hope that you had a nice Easter this year.

My friend found jellybeans at Walmart, one of our favorite places to shop at, and we just had a sugar overdose, what with the chocolate bunnies and, may I say, the beautiful chocolate cake I made for the holiday. I'm trying to get off of the sugar.

Another beautiful friend of mine gave me the NIV (New International Version)of the Bible. I have started reading.
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