Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just bein' silly...


Big ol' brown bear reminds me of Lil' Brown Jug by Glenn Miller. My 'new' casio, plays it as a song with lights, like I'm going to learn it that way. If it's not in music, that I can read, and have forever to look at, I'm not going to memorize it. The day I do, I'll let you know.:)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some more fabulous flowers from my yard!

These are tulips of some 'spiky' variety and little daffodils.

I would think these are poppies as we had some in the backyard, BuT, behind them are yellow tulips so I am not sure. Regardless: gorgeous.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Couples that capture Tart's fancy...

These are couples that I find fascinating, for one reason or another. I am emptying my coffers of pictures of the beautiful people, simply because I felt like it (most pics probably came from MSN, with the exception of the last one, which is Webshots).

Many of these are 'power couples' in Hollywood, some are married, some live together, (some for quite a long time in either case), some are dead, one is silly & speculatory (meaning: a big hmmm) and all were interesting enough to me to have holding in My Pictures, after having saved them, sometimes eons ago.

Soon, a photo outpour of individuals that Tart finds fascinating. (There won't be enough room on the blog for that one!).

If you're a celebrity hound (or just interested/fascinated by them, then this is the post for you). I know I will probably come back and refer to this myself, since the these pics are a lot bigger than what's in 'My Pictures.'

Here is an outpouring of classics I'm sharing with you, I hope you enjoy.:)

Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi

Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey (so cute, both of them!!)

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner (& Violet)

Bogey (Humphrey Bogart) & Bacall (Lauren)

Diane Lane & Josh Broslin

Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe

Dustin Hoffman & Lisa Gottsegan

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Antony

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

George Clooney & Brad Pitt (just good friends, or lovers? Oh, just kidding, Angelina!) Speaking of... Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, though I have no pic of the two together. Hmmm...furthering adding fuel to the Clooney/Pitt connection, no? :) Well, carry on...
Cats & fish - can't keep them apart it seems! This furry guy looks like he's going to become one! Watch out fish, those PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) can be fatal!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Gray Husband Scarf: close to completion (see sideboard pic)

I really do use the 'Crocheter's Companion' to remind myself of what a single crochet is, all the time in fact. It's small with pictures and would be perfect for someone trying to learning crochet.

I keep my project in in zip lock bags when not working on them, especially to keep them clean. They're cheap. I also have a bottle like thing with a hole in the top, but it helps if you start the project with the yarn inside it and project outside. Well, that's protecting the yarn (which is good, as I have dumped tea on a huge "Pound of Love" ball before!) but what about the project? When I use that thing, I put my project back in the the 'bottle' if it will fit, with the yarn curled around top. Ziplocks work better, like I said.

I am surprised how the pattern of the single crochet looks on this scarf, compared to the more even look on other's I've made, although it looks nice and manly and Husband likes it. Well, regardless, I'm being consistent with the stitch and it's looking good. I have used 2 balls already of something called 'Quick' (I admit it's not Lion Brand, it seems kind of itchy if you ask me, but Husband picked it and the color so go figure) and 1 more ball ought to make the scarf wider and finish it off.

Check it out looking like the 'Chinese Wall' in my sideboard. Love those project meters from '' (Google for the proper page, please.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Easy cardmaking

I was doing some more difficult cardmaking (all one word?) with brass stencils and pastels and a stencil brush, etc. (a kit from a craft fair my MIL got me. It has great results, but I can't find any more brass stencils except the two that came with it. But it gets great results, and is beautiful!!)

Anyhoo, I also devised an easy card to make for my 'Spring card thing' that I'm trying to do, especially after discovering that card companies make it easy for us by packaging 'rickrack' and a complementary color with envelopes, no less.

You can create your own 'rickrack' design with those scissors that make patterns.

I was looking for more cards for my brass stencils and found the already 'chopped' tan and my fave, mauve, as it's background and decided to not only give it a try, but document the thing in pictures for the blog!:)

That's actually a tan, not pinkish, 'cut out' card on top. 10 of those and 10 of the slightly bigger mauve color underneath, with 10 envelopes. $4.99 at my LCS.

These are 10 real pressed flowers, that I found on clearance for $2.

Aleenes Tacky Glue. The smallest bottle is still huge. The least inexpensive was 1.99. Maybe cheaper at your LCS. Are you ever going to use it up? Hmmm...

So, a little dab of Aleene's on the back of the pressed flower...

Press that first one down, and dab a second one, placing it oh so 'delicately' next to the first flower (They're not terribly delicate!:)

Flip over the top card, Aleene glue the two together...

Voila! An easy card, to write 'Happy Spring!' on. It's simple, easy, and maybe will give you ideas on making your own.:)

Friday, April 4, 2008

They sure like doing that!

Every breed of dog I know of likes to get into the diswasher like this pic probably captured from an email, including my little baby black pug. Honestly, I took to spraying her with water just for that incursion because she wouldn't stop!!!! Ah well, admit it, it's kinda cute, the lil buggers.:)
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