Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good Stuff - An Ode to Physical Therapy and an ease to my back pain

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As predicted, physical therapy for my back pain is just the ticket.

You have to work (gasp!) but it helps.

I'm working with a sphygmomanometer (honest, I think this is spelled right) - a blood pressure cuff!

It's such a slight movement, when I perform the exercise with the cuff in the small of my back, but it helps an ol' swayback like me know when I'm activating my core muscles located in my pelvis.

It turns out the core is deep in there, under muscles and also in charge of bladder control, at least in ladies.

It's a common problem for the muscle to weaken and therefore control of the bladder. Had babies ladies? You can understand.

And for those who haven't had children you're in good company - me! I'm convinced my years of depression, sleeping too long, avoiding breakfast and reality is all coming back to haunt me, now that I'm awakened by Abilify (I discuss this a few posts down).

Anyhoo, thank God that these people can help me, because my back was killing me.

Turns out you must strengthen the core muscles in the tummy in order to reach the multifidus, or back muscle, that runs the lenghth of your spine, widening at the base (read: source of my lower back pain).

I encourage people to talk to their doctors about physical therapy in lieu of drugs, that aren't going to last long enough for healing, or work very well anyway (my experience).

The physical therapist told me that 90% of back pain goes away for patients, regardless of what a patient does, but only 20-30% recur in those who do the exercises.

My thing is that I have found relief in a short period of time, and knowledge on how to help control it, just in the few light exercises I've had so far.

I'm just sharing my experience. I figure you never know when it can do some good for others.

Thank you, PT!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let me be the first to congratulate...

...the Jolie-Pitts on what is sounding like TWINS!!

Let me refresh on the beauty that is each of their children:





Photos courtesy of

God bless you all on your new adventure. I think it's beautiful to be a mother and to love and be able to take care of children as this couple can. I wish the family joy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Meanwhile, in my office...

While posting all this, the little angels curled up and slept together.:)

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Mia Pug is here!

See her with Emma & Reese (EMR)!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Picking up my Female Black Pug, Day After Tomorrow!:)

Bleeding hearts, among Grape Hyacinth, Webshots

Well, I plan to take a million pictures of her, after she comes home.

Husband thinks 'cute as a dickens' & 'just the cutest cutey-cute cute,' is secret code for 'dumb dog.' He hasn't met her yet.

Like my pug is just gonna lap your face and love you, as if that were substandard, cause that's precisely what she does.

I told him she will melt his hard-hearted, evil, stone-cold heart. I wonder how many minutes it will take.

Well, how about that. A two Pug, one Siamese family. Everyone's so photogenic. Well, except their owners. What ARE we thinking.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Unbelievable Joy!!!!!! I'm getting a Black Pug!

Yes, I'm adding to the family and as far as I know, this will be it, until someone kicks off. No more cats, as Reese couldn't handle that, I am sure of it. This will be difficult for Gorgeous Siamese Man and Emma Our Still Utterly Beloved Puggie Girl, but I think with enough love we'll get through.

Basically, these things come to me and I start talking about them. I start to access the feasabileness of my deep desires, how to go about it, so forth. I'm a put-your-mind-to-it and Get It kind of girl.

And so, I went thru the process of finding 'Mia' our female black Pug who is 5 months but looks more like 3 mo.'s. I am assured she is not the 'runt' but instead was as normal as her brother and sister at birth, only developed tiny.

Which is perfect! And I knew she must be the one when I heard this, but I went to see her. You know, how hard it is to leave utter cuteness but this was just a visit since we have family obligations until this Sunday.

Sunday's the day!!!! We plan to pick her up then.

She is everything a breeder would want for Show, except she's small. Smushy-smushy face, all black with this pink tongue and she Loves you up. Oh, that's Happy.

I have 2 pictures of her off my cellphone. They are less than flattering, making her look like she only has one eye - which I assure she has two adorable eyes! So, I think I may post after getting her and getting better pics.

This is proof positive that you can get something done with BREEDERS. Don't ever buy a dog from a pet store - you're are supporting the evil puppy mill industry. I won't ever get sued for that because it's true!

That leaves reputable breeders or backyard breeders. I admit, I got Emma from a backyard breeder but we lucked out - she's wonderful and the perfect pet.

The biggest differences I see between these two kind of breeders are the Bckyrd B.'s are ALL about the money. You do see the Mom and Dad - a sign of a breeder, yes, but these people make a dog for you to get the moulah. Close to a puppy mill, but you see the circumstances for the dog and these people don't keep them in filth. If they do, please report their ass.

Now, the reputable breeder is interested in furthering the breed. Honestly, they are looking to see if their babies are show-quality, as their parents are champions from show. It's like wrangling the puppy away from these people, as they want to hold on to them for 16 weeks or more.

Technically, no Pug breeder, either one, should let a Pug leave mommy for home with you until the earliest 10 weeks.

It's just that these people are looking for conformation, the next champion, and aren't sure until they are sure.

People, that is good. Who cares about The Dog most? Yes, they charge money for the puppy, but you didn't think a 'leftover' champion was free, did you?

Now that you've had my dog aquisition lesson, I hope you will be happy for me as I embark on the Love-love journey a-gain!:):)
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