Thursday, March 1, 2007

Decoupage is easy!!

For Christmas 2006 I decided to make my own candles, from jars I'd been saving all year (like spaghetti, pickle and little nacho cheese jars). Candlemaking can be another post. So, I'll just focus on the embellishing of the outside of the jars.

I wanted something whimsical on my candle jars, so I went to my local craft store and asked them where their decoupage stuff was. The yout that was directing me clearly didn't know WHAT I was talking about, so I basically had to explain it to her, hoping that she might know where it was located in the store.

What is decoupage? It sounds like some French word, which it probably is, and sounds old-fashioned like something done in the 70's (hence this store person/child mostly likely born after 85-later wouldn't ever have heard of it!).

Well, regardless of all that, essentially it is a kind of glue that usually dries transparent when loaded onto an object (the glass jar in my case).

Then, a die-cut paper picture, or some other picture usually made of paper, is immediately stuck onto the spot where you loaded your decoupage. Once the picture is placed just how you like (it should still be moveable on your wet decoupage) put another coat of decoupage on top of the pic (I used the sponge brushes for all of this. They will get clean nicely after the project if you immediately run them under water and squeeze.)

When you first put the decoupage on, it may not be clear immediately. Don't panic, because it should dry clear after it has fully dried. After the first application on the paper picture, let it dry, do another coat, let it dry - at least three coats are going to actually seal in your picture to the object you're trying to put it on - that makes it a real decoupage.

So, I chose fairies to be on my glass jar candles, and after securing each fairy to the jar I wanted some 'fairy dust' to go with it.

So at this point the project is dry, with picture secure, I put another layer of the decoupage/glue just where I want my 'fairy dust' and then sprinkle glitter over the decoupaged area. I admit that I let it dry and left it at that, with no more layers of the decoupage/glue. I was a little afraid that my fairy dust/glitter would get scraped off. I did buy a 'finishing spray' when I first bought all my decoupage stuff at the craft store, but I never used this either. The spray was supposed to seal everything in, with gloss, but I was happy with the results the way they are.:)

I had thought about doing creative things with the jar lids, maybe covering them with fabric or something and placing them on top, but I found that too overwhelming and wasn't sure how to go about it and I was just plain running out of time, so I threw them all out! Throwing anying out is cathartic for me, and I'm not sorry I did it, because they weren't necessary to the project/gift. I'm so proud of my glittery fairies! I hope you get a kick out of them, too!


Raine said...

I love the fairies!!!

Cheesemeister said...

They turned out wonderfully!

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