Friday, January 4, 2008

Picking up my Female Black Pug, Day After Tomorrow!:)

Bleeding hearts, among Grape Hyacinth, Webshots

Well, I plan to take a million pictures of her, after she comes home.

Husband thinks 'cute as a dickens' & 'just the cutest cutey-cute cute,' is secret code for 'dumb dog.' He hasn't met her yet.

Like my pug is just gonna lap your face and love you, as if that were substandard, cause that's precisely what she does.

I told him she will melt his hard-hearted, evil, stone-cold heart. I wonder how many minutes it will take.

Well, how about that. A two Pug, one Siamese family. Everyone's so photogenic. Well, except their owners. What ARE we thinking.


1 comment:

MYSTI said...

I am so excited for you! Today is the day. Wooohoooo. Bet you are just so thrilled. hugs my friend.

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