Friday, February 1, 2008

Pug Showdown: How to keep 2 pugs in the house

The problem with a split foyer - 6 steps up and 6 down - really shows when you want to go out the door for a simple and needed activity: getting the mail.

Like a Clint Eastwood movie, I can hear the 'Wa-o-wa-o-waaanh!' and see a showdown ready to occur, as I have my older Pug staring at me at the top of the stairs (she'll bark if the wind blows too hard) ready to come down the stairs.

Then there's the baby at the bottom of the stairs, fully able to go up stairs (but not down, Yet) looking concerned that mama is thinking about leaving her. (And ALL hell will break loose then. Does anyone else's 'abandoned' puggie girl sound like a Tasmanian She-devil, shaking her crate just like the cartoon?! Seriously?!)

So, luckily the mailbox is attached to the house and I can close the door and issue edicts while half outside the home. "You stay THERE!" "Stay THERE!"

Always scared that the little one will run up the stairs and try to get out the front door, a situation that has proven heart attack worthy in the past with my first Pug.

She ran circles into the front yard and street. It's so hard to get a Pug back inside that's having fun like that.

But she doesn't know that she could get killed by a car who doesn't think twice about going 45 mph.

They don't care about why (bec. of kids & pugs, not to mention slow adults like myself) its 25 MPH on our street. Bastards.

Giving a treat to get her in, which we did, only reinforces bad behavior, said our beloved Petsmart trainer at the time.

What do you do then? Screaming which is the first inclination, probably isn't helpful either.

My older, fawn Pug has been thru the classes and she will return to a higher step in the house, after sniffing the situation at front door level.

The little one, nope, doesn't have that sense yet. She'd go out the door if mommy does.

We gotta work on that. I'm too young for a heart attack.


MYSTI said...

Omg, i know the feeling! Lily got loose when youngest son was walking her, she ran and ran and ran. In this area its not the cars i worry so much about as the eagles, and hawks who would think lily would make a nice little snack! I almost had a heart attack i was so afraid for her. I did the no no, and yelled Lily come get a treat! Want a treat!!! lol so ok i reinforced bad behavior but she came and was safe!



'Tart said...

Yeah, you know the Petsmart teacher did not give an alternate thing to do.

When that situation happens it's all adrenaline, I say.

I'm so glad you got your sweet baby back in. It really is frightening and seems so easy to happen, when that occurs. It's like we need to be 'trained' for action when our heart drops out simultaneously!

Mysti you can call me whenever. I understand about being busy.:)

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