Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Gray Husband Scarf: close to completion (see sideboard pic)

I really do use the 'Crocheter's Companion' to remind myself of what a single crochet is, all the time in fact. It's small with pictures and would be perfect for someone trying to learning crochet.

I keep my project in in zip lock bags when not working on them, especially to keep them clean. They're cheap. I also have a bottle like thing with a hole in the top, but it helps if you start the project with the yarn inside it and project outside. Well, that's protecting the yarn (which is good, as I have dumped tea on a huge "Pound of Love" ball before!) but what about the project? When I use that thing, I put my project back in the the 'bottle' if it will fit, with the yarn curled around top. Ziplocks work better, like I said.

I am surprised how the pattern of the single crochet looks on this scarf, compared to the more even look on other's I've made, although it looks nice and manly and Husband likes it. Well, regardless, I'm being consistent with the stitch and it's looking good. I have used 2 balls already of something called 'Quick' (I admit it's not Lion Brand, it seems kind of itchy if you ask me, but Husband picked it and the color so go figure) and 1 more ball ought to make the scarf wider and finish it off.

Check it out looking like the 'Chinese Wall' in my sideboard. Love those project meters from 'yarntomato.com.' (Google for the proper page, please.)

1 comment:

MYSTI said...

The scarf is looking awesome! You are doing a stupendous job! Itchy huh? sheesh men lol

hugs and blessings!

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