Saturday, September 6, 2008

I enjoyed my time at the Beach!

We had such nice weather last week!

My BIL brought his kite to fly but despite all the string he bought for it, it kept crashing.

My husband and I walked along the beach a little one day, and sat in front of it for a while the next.

Lot's of shopping, or looking at things. I did get a turtle stained-glass windchime and a red-eyed tree frog box (that you could put your rings into or just look cute).

I also got a big yellow beach bag with the name of the beach we went to, and new blue swim shoes that will probably replace my old fading purple ones for the pool!

I did get into the hotel's outside pool, which was saltwater, at night when everyone was out of the pool, which was nice.

I didn't feel crowded, except for the one day the hotel elevator was packed with people, but that didn't last long!

We saw fireworks one night for free, as they went off in a location that was easy to see from our balcony.

We ate plenty of seafood like calamari, shrimp, flounder, even clams at one stop. And a fantastic local pizza joint with some of the best pizza ever!

The best dinner was the one my MIL cooked in my honor when we went to their house before leaving for this trip - steak and crablegs!

She even Made me an icecream cake out of Klondike bars - I thought it really kind of her.

I got to play Guitar Hero on a hand-held PS2 or something like that. You strum the strings with a pick and can listen with earphones if you want.

I may not have mentioned my proclivity for the game (I Love It!) and my BIL is a gadget king with all the neat games and brought it and let me play.

I especially loved the SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn) song on there which you can't seem to find on a regular GH games.

I enjoyed my time at the beach with my family, from the ocean to the ocean breeze, to shopping and walking & looking at things, to eating, to just hanging out, it was a great vacation.:)

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