Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Turtle escaping from my yard!!

A couple of days ago, I found the Pugs side by side barking at SOMEthing! They were obviously afraid of it as they were standing a good two feet (luckily!) away from this lovely big box turtle.

I finally got the Pugs inside which was not easy as Emma's collar slipped off and Mia was a stinker and got back out of the house after I got her in. I stayed in the house a while ('cause I was busy!) then came out for turtle pictures, BUT he was gone.

Then the other day, Mia is barking at something at the gate and it's Mr. Turtle again, trying desperately to GET OUT of our yard. So, I snagged two pictures, and then put the guy in the front yard and he happily got away!:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tart!
I just stumbled across your blog and I think it's really really nice. I wish you all the best and a lot of strength dealing with your illness.
best wishes from Germany

'Tart said...

Dear Lena,
How delightful to get your kind comments on the blog! I wish you well, too!:)

Tracy said...

Wow how fun! LOL Lily would have gone nuts! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

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