Sunday, June 14, 2009

Campfire in the Jungle's backyard!:)

We had a campfire in the backyard via this small metal device which we've had for a while. We grilled some angus burger patty's from the local Walmart on our grill and enjoyed the fire until it started thunderstorming. My husband said we should have thought of this earlier as he found it so relaxing to sit by the fire and enjoy dinner!

I wrangled with Photoshop for this picture (I'm still figuring out el Photoshop!), as I rarely, as many know, put my photos on the web. But I thought you might like to enjoy this campfire too, although I would like it to remain exclusively on my site.:) (as we say to puppies when teaching them to leave things alone - Leave it, leave it!!!).

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!:)

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