Friday, September 18, 2009

I found something beautiful on the web about Patrick Swayze.

"A relationship survives because of keeping the friendship alive and learning how to fall in love over and over again and never taking the other person for granted and seeing things in a new light with new eyes," Patrick said in 2007. "We're big believers in, arguments are okay as long as it's not about your ego, but it's about a mutual goal -- trying to create something special."

I found today, while reading about the fact that Mr. Swayze would not take painkillers in an effort to stay sharp, that he was incredibly and utterly in love with his wife, and she with him. I found this quote from him (above) and I think if you really read it you'll find that it rings so true.

I've said on another's blog that I was so glad Mr. Swayze did the movie 'Ghost' because it shows that love can transcend time that our loved ones wait for on the other side and sometimes can intercede for us. I think that is lovely and beautiful, too.

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Tracy said...

I loved Patrick, and the loss of him in the world will leave a huge hole. He was a good man, and yes very much in love with his wife and very faithful.

I loved most of his movies. I have Dirty dancing. It is one of my all time favorites.

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