Monday, November 16, 2009

Still thinking about hobbies.

Even though I am experiencing irritable symptoms, and may I say I know that I am a Pill to live with (I am sorry, Hubby) I am also percolating thoughts on my hobbies and new things I want to get into.

I have been looking into heddle looms (as if I could afford one, but one can always dream:) because the thought of weaving has always interested me. I even watched the videos on YouTube about some specific one and how to operate it. So neat. Someday, I surely hope, I can do that.

I have been interested in weaving for a long time. Everything about it, from the fiber from the animal, to its roving and spinning it into thread, to knitting and crocheting (which I am now convinced is much cheaper to do than actually weaving cloth). But I would like to delve into everything.

Then there is doll making. The soft dolls made of fabric. I found some adorable dolls that my mom made me when I was little, complete with little outfits. We were both so thrilled that I found them and in such good condition.

Then I read about 'Doll Fashionistas' which comes with a DVD and teaches the newbie how to make fabulous dolls. Mom's willing to get it for Christmas! Oh Goody!

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