Monday, August 4, 2014

It's been two years and I am back! Good Stuff returns!

My Goodness! It has been TWO YEARS since I posted on the "The Good Stuff! WOW! Thank you to Everyone who comes back occasionally to see if anything is going on!

Oh yes, Good Stuff watchers! There IS good stuff going on!

I have grown greatly in two years and as far as my good stuff hobbies I have added greatly to them in that time span. Once again, I am not paid to shill for Craftsy, but I might as well be, because Craftsy has taught this Tart so much!! Annnd, wait for it....I have been able to even craft with others - yes! Be in the community and craft face to face, side by side, with Other People!! Whuuut?!

As many of you know, from coming from my other blog 'Adventures of a Jungletart' or perhaps you are new here today, so I should never assume that you know, I, amongst many other fabulous things about me, have Bipolar disorder.

As part of this post today, I just want to say that I have had remarkable stability, certainly in the past two years and much longer than that. I have developed a support system, I do work (part-time, and always keeping under any amount that would piss off Social Security) and I am getting to do Amazing things through my work, I take my meds faithfully, and I very much focus and use my coping skills (read: My Hobbies) to get me through as well.

So you see, Good Stuff, the blog, is very much a part of me. It's not "just" a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing where I'm nice and sweet in one place and there's hell to pay on the other. I have usually used 'Adventures of a Jungletart' to rant, rave and bitch (or just tell you how I am doing) and this blog to tell you Happy things. And I think that dynamic still works.

Thank you, Lovelies, for being here. I have a Mental Health Awareness Planning meeting to go to. We shall talk more! Talk to me in comments. Please be kind - as Jewel sings "I'm sensitive and want to stay that way."

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