Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello! GoodStuff continues!

The 2012 Emmy's. Suburgatory actress Jane Levy. A stylish dress to add to the GoodStuff blog!!
Hello GoodStuff enthusiasts! As a fantastic woman that happens to have Bipolar disorder, I am a Woman of Many Interests. Yes, I am a WOMI!!! I have coined something in a moment, at 4:08 a.m. that could last a lifetime!!

As a WOMI, I delve into many handicrafts, look at ALL kinds o' happy joyful stuff on the internet, and in general have TONS of interests.

One of my lastest interestes that I am delving into but has been there all along, is the idea of looking fabulous, stylish and lovely on a shoestring.

So, tonight, or should I say this morning since I cannot seem to get tired enough to sleep, I looked online at a couple of sites that coincide with some reading I have been doing from ~ you guessed it, the library (the most fantastic source of free Nearly Ever).

So I share with you some of the fun!

Websites: www.Lucky.com , www.budgetfashionista.com , and Missus Smarty Pants Style blog who has a connection to www.FlyLady.org . (Web search MSP actual website).


I know I haven't blogged here in a while. I wanted to do a little update on the blog on my present interests (which are MANY!) and I think I am blissfully & blessedly getting sleepy. But I shall make an effort to return soon and write more!! :) :)

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