Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ideas on What We'll Give This Year (2007)

Gifts for others: The Relatives

For our gifts for others, well I'm the one trying to reassure Husband that less is just fine. His idea: Gift certificates from a specific restaurant. I said $10 increments, for a couple.

This is a downsize from his $15 per person, probably to pay for an entire meal for someone that husband feels obliged to.

But it doesn't have to be that way. $10 off of an entire meal seems like a great and useable coupon for anybody, at least in my world, and just who is it we're trying to impress?

He is also fond of the 'send a hunk of sausage' directly from the factory to people. I wonder what will win out this year?

For My idea, I got some photo work, including magnets, made by York Photo and it gave me an idea. Somehow, we need a picture of ourselves, preferably with both the cat and dog this year, but I'll take what I can get, and Voila! Magnets & Husband's gift certificates that can fit inside a Christmas card, and that finishes the relatives off this year.

I will check Shutterfly to see if I can get some cute borders around each magnet. I spent hours on my last order with them, putting different borders on the pics. It was so fun!

About those Christmas cards. As folks who read my other blog de rant, I am nothing if not honest. Well, I bought this year's Christmas cards in the Dollar Store. They are cheap in quality but they fit the bill: they say 'Merry Christmas' on the inside, not Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays - but 'Merry Christmas' because that's the holiday I'm celebrating.

Fantastic blog entry about this from Mysti that assures Christians that now is the time to say 'Merry Christmas,' and to say it proud.

It's not that I couldn't send those cheap cards out, but I just feel that if the inside of the card is our gift this year, why not have truly pretty or reflective cards.

It should feel heavy or weighty, or at least like real paper, not glossy, slickery poo. And I am such a paper whore: a lover of all things paper, stationary, your basic insides to Staples or Office Depot. I swear that's hereditary, too!

Husband says he doesn't care about all that, he's just so glad I got my Christmas spirit back, that I care again and that I am plotting what to do for it. That's a big deal for a bipolar, and a big deal at our house.

Besides, I am an Exclusive Gold Card member of Hallmark, and get enough deals and coupons that my boxed card purchase will seem practically free. :)

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