Thursday, December 13, 2007

(Our) Christmas Hopes 2007

Hmmm...Christmas 2007 approaches and I have a few thoughts on what do to do for gifts on a [frayed] shoestring budget!

I am so thankful that we are on an 'off-year' for the large family gathering. Every two years we come together, like a flock of seagulls, and last year was the year.

It was a VERY long drive to Grandma's House last year (my husband's g-ma), not to mention the Massive Amount of Work it took to make everyone's gifts - 30 or so very personal baskets for everyone.

I have reason to be very proud of that work, not only because I had a vision for what I wanted, and made it come true, there were some unexpectedly overjoyed relatives that made the entire thing worth it.:)

This year is a polar opposite - what a shock! I think it will be just Husband & myself! I am looking forward to this!

Not because I think we'll lay around and never really realize that it is Christmas, on the contrary, I want to pull out all the stops!

As strange as it might sound, I need to research the food 'traditions of Christmas,' ('a Googlin' I will go!) because I don't recall a lot of these traditions as a kid, plus this is my chance to start some!

I need to know what yummy, appetizing, wonderful smelling stuff 'makes Christmas' and make it! I'm talking food and I intend to throw myself into the making of it. That is a weird & new Christmas joy for me!

We have been gifted a spiral-cut Christmas ham by Mom, already, so we can have that. That says 'mashed potatoes' to me, but yams are better for you.

My mom and I have made wassail for Christmas before. Talking about Wonderful Smelling Stuff! That has orange juice and cloves and I forget what else, but it is a warm drink, doesn't have alcohol and is thoroughly yummy & makes you feel toasty inside!

I must have a small tree this year. I was promised a tree for this Christmas, a year ago. Luckily, I know we have an artificial one that will be just the ticket. Believe me, we have TONS of ornaments from Christmases of yore, all the way back to when I was in Kindergarten.

To me, those are Mom's memories. Sadly enough, she tells us she doesn't care about Christmas, she doesn't need a tree or ornaments. But, she's living in an RV (her choice, we didn't put her in there), now in a 'warm location' for the first time ever and actually, this year she's about as close to get to as my in-law relatives. She has instructed us to stay home.

One of my 'secret joys' is my tiny amassment of ornaments. I'm starting my own set, little by little. [It's everything I can do not to buy out Hallmark's ornaments, I love them so, something for every hobbie and personality type - all in miniature!] Hence, the need for only a small tree.

So food (good smells), tree with ornaments. This is important.

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