Sunday, March 15, 2009

ATCs - I am intrigued.

ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards. Using what media you want to (collage, painting, clay, metal, drawing, scrapping) you create a card the size of a playing card (the dimensions are exact, I *think* 2.5 by 3.5) creating art and pictures on your card and you exchange them with other artists. No money is exchanged, they are not bought, they are traded. I think you can find other people to do it with over the internet. I am researching.

Then there is something called mail art. Mail as art, essentially. I guess decorating the mail you send out Is in fact considered art. How cool! I love to do that anyway, put rubber stamps, stickers and draw on envelopes. There's a whole world out there!:)


Mike Golch said...

sounds interesting.I have a passionate blogger award for both of your sites.Hugs my friend.

Tracy said...

Oh how fun! I would be interested in this! Hugs

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