Saturday, March 14, 2009

A resource for tatting/cro-tatting.

a picture of cro-tatting from the site 'MaryM's Original Daisy Boullion edging,' referenced in the website below.

You can Google this as easily as myself, but I found a great site that has pictures showing step-by-step how to cro-tat here.

Tatting uses a shuttle to create 'knots' and circles, or tiny picots, and when done over and over can create a beautiful lace that can look similar to a very fine crochet lace piece.

Cro-tat uses a small crochet hook to create the tatting, instead of the usual "shuttle" that tatters normally use.

Tatting is an art, one that you don't hear about as often as knit or crochet. My husband's aunt use to tat constantly, it was her special gift (her hands were always moving and working - constantly) and she made many special gifts for his family, until her death a few years ago when she was in her late 90's.

I would love to learn how to do it, and have noticed that my LYS (local yarn store) does sell shuttles. A few years ago I bought a VHS video on tatting called 'Tatting I - The Basics' by Mildred Clark, brought to you by Victorian Video Productions.

I also bought 'Tatting Beginner Tatting Kit Quick and Easy' (Item number 5050-K) from the Tatsy company, which includes a shuttle with instructions for making an Angel, Photo Frame, Flower, Book Mark, 2 Mini Flowers, 2 Butterflies.

I admit I haven't checked it out yet or haven't delved into the art yet, I have been holding onto it for 'one of these day' (I love needlework, stationary, and art supplies and have probably a lifetime amount of them as I have noticed that many others do as well out there, off my Amazon emails "What do you like to craft" that comes to me, but that is probably another post entirely! It's a SICKNESS! But such a fun one.) but maybe you can still get it on the web or Ebay, if you are interested in learning tatting.


TattingChic said...

I Hope you do learn to tat, and I mean really tat (not cro-tat) someday! There are many fabulous free online sources now for tatting. Several people have mentioned to me that they have learned to tat through the instructional tatting videos on You Tube! That is really sweet that you appreciate your husband's aunt's talent.
Good luck in your tatting endeavors that you hope to pursue one day. :)

Stop on by my blog if you'd like to see more tatting. It's all about the tatting over there! LOL! I have a lot of tatting links on my sidebar, too! :)

'Tart said...

Thanks TattingChic! I will definitely check out your blog. Thank you so much for the resources!

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