Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cross-stitch Excitement!

Ginnell Point, Swift Mountain Lake, Montana but reminds me of the beautiful Technicolor sunsets in Gone With the Wind!

Hurray, hurray! I checked out my mail a moment ago and I got something that I was waiting expectantly for! It's a 'Gone With the Wind' cross-stitch chart, bought from one of my favorite sellers off Ebay. I guess I'm starting a little collection, since I bought 'Scarlet' from her.

I've talked about charts on my other blog, Adventures of a Jungletart. Don't confuse a chart with a kit. A chart will have a picture of what your finished product will look like, and the pattern itself, marked in color coded - and nothing more! No ready-to-use fabric, threads, or frame - those things you must go to your local craft store and buy. Decent/good charts should use DMC colors in my estimation since that's a standard. Also, a truly good pattern is not just chugged off a computer (there are programs now that pretty much anyone can use), at least not one that you are going to pay money for. I love my chart person because I know she really did put in the extra work, by hand, to make it an excellent chart.

As far as buying this latest chart goes, its certainly not for the sensibility on how much time it will take me to finish. These charts, when finished, are huge! It already takes me a semi-lifetime to do the adorable Stitch-n-Hangs (see my latest finished one below)!

I guess there are some things that utterly strick my fancy and deep and abiding love for certain movies/actors/actresses: Vivienne Leigh, actress that portrayed Scarlett in GWTW was bipolar in real life. Married to (Sir) Lawrence Olivier who dedicated himself to trying to help Vivienne, including with her constant insomnia. She died of tuberculosis in real life. She'll never die on the screen. If you have never thought to sit through the two-disk set of "Gone With The Wind," I highly, highly recommend it. If not, 'Tomorrow Is, Another Day', one of Scarlett's life-isms.

There are some things I find collectible and get a wee tad compulsive. Not to mention the price was insanely awesome and I knew my chart person was all about quality.

We have more to look forward to on this blog! We took a million pictures (and video!) of Emma dog enjoying the utter patootie out of a peanut-butter jar. That is a must see! Also, some adorable video of Paddy-Pug in super hyper, freaked out by my shoe, mode. I ran out of time today! Some of the stuff needs to be edited, so hopefully I can figure out how (or where on the web?) to edit out some sound. Tomorrow IS another day!:)

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MYSTI said...

Yayyyyyyy love this site. Well love your other site also, but love crafty stuff! :) You asked me about my latest painting on my blog, and I have started a new one, I will have hubby take a picture of it and share on my blog soon. Its just the start, we shall see how it comes out. Hugs, and love ya my friend. Miss you to btw to. Hugs again.

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