Sunday, October 7, 2007

Insanely Gorgeous

These are the most exquisite pictures I have gotten yet, from Reese the Siamese. I have learned with him that he is like the big time, highly paid human models. You do not 'get' a picture out of Reese, he 'gives' it to you. You must beg, at least a little, and praise him highly for the priviledge of being 'allowed' a gorgeous, no red-eye picture. No lie!

My God! As you can clearly see, he is the Iman of the kitty-kitty world. And he is mine!!:) He's an affectionate sweet-baby and I am often stunned when I see him sitting/lying throughout the house, he's a living, breathing statue. With enormous fangs! - that's only one reason we call him Freak Boy!:)

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