Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Finally Finished Something!

I really like to cross-stitch, I find it relaxing. That really came in handy in March, when I had to go through all my Dad's things, and there was pretty much nothing [zero] to do in the evenings.

Sleeping during that time was fitful and I never physically ached so much in my life, which was odd, because it mostly went away when we left that area.

Anyhow, I actually finished this March 2007. I made it with my sweet Emma-dog in mind. She is my puggie-Princess!

I'm just getting to posting it now because it took me forever to take a picture of it, and since my Dad died, for me, it's hard to pinpoint the 'good stuff.' I probably should buy a book on grief, or look up that kind of thing on the net, because it's sooooo not over. I feel like I handle it all myself and shouldn't I have a therapist for these things? For anything?

Anyway, please enjoy today's Good Stuff.:)

1 comment:

Raine said...

oh you did a really good job of it too!!!

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