Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebrating Memorial Day through Movies (& other activities)

Turner Classic Movies is showing classic, black and white movies all day long concerning wars that the United States has been involved in. I've had the channel on all day, even though I've been out of the house considerably doing what Husband likes to do, frankly, on a day off. Work on projects. He just went and got a trailer for this very small boat we've had and he is busy making it ship-shape. This required going all around town getting parts for it.

That I think, is his way of celebrating the holiday. I like my Mom's way of celebrating which is to watch movies. She was watching 'The Best Years of Our Lives' with Myrna Loye and others. She looked at me very seriously and sincerely and said this was the first film that she knew of that dealt seriously with the aftermath of WWII. The film features a sailor with two metal hands going home after the war, hoping that his girlfriend will still love him.

I've been going between the two, helping Husband and watching the movie, but I think it's fitting to use cinema art to appreciate this day.

Others have said it better, but we do celebrate or commemorate in our own ways, and this day is very important, whether we commemorate our personal loved ones who have passed, to the truly brave soldiers and people that specifically fight for 'American pleasures and needs: freedoms' let me put it that way.

I've known a few in my own family and I can't think about them without a great deal of pleasure and pride in them, and I can't imagine the sadness and loss of those who have lost people like that in their lives, except for my personal losses. We should think that we suffer as a country for the losses, still daily, today.

I know plenty of people who look forward to cookouts with their families, going to baseball games with other people, going to the cemetery to remember loved ones, specifically putting the flag out for this day, going to D.C. for The Wall commemorations, to fixing a boat ramp trailer, to thinking of others once and a while (that is insinuating me on that) to write about it.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day.


MYSTI said...

I like how you have celebrated today. :) Wonderful post as usual Tart.

Obsidian Kitten said...

hi Tart! i'm finally getting back to you from way back when -- you asked if i blog anywhere about my bipolar. no--only rarely on my obsidiankitten blog. i've been thinking about it though. i try to keep my blog at least halfway upbeat but that's been hard lately as i've been in a slump! so i don't post very much! lol

i love your blog and i was so glad you visited me again.

you should totally learn to knit socks, it's not hard and they are very fun. my first pair took me awhile but after you do it once it gets easy. hugs to you, and rock on!

if you want you can always e me at sohopixieATtdsDOTnet

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