Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Stuff exclusive: Jungletart's Wishes

Mysti posted about reading a book that encourages each of us to think of 20 wishes.

For some reason, I was listening to music today (the easy listening off AOL instant messenger)and heard Michael Buble, who I love, and have no CD's of. So I immediately created my 'birthday wishes' list, which I could only think of two objects that I want at this time. But then I started thinking what I 'really wanted' and so this list appeared:

Jungletart's Wishes

1. To have a job working at home as an editor or as Ebay seller
2. To have my animals and loved ones always healthy
3. To get rid of my clutter and have a beautiful house
4. To reduce my swelling and fat and be slim & strong again
5. To be financially secure
6. To have a farm with alpacas, or work for one, or have one and work for a farm taking care of it.
7. To help somebody else and know the joy of doing so
8. To crochet Mom’s booties, prayer shawls, finish Husband’s scarf
9. Learn to knit socks
10. Have a French Bulldog someday – a peppy, personality-filled one and matching name.
11. Join a group – either a knit/crochet one or bipolar OR both!
12. To not worry about my health, whether eyes, heart or mental
13. To read the Bible, the Book of Mormon and check out the Quran.
14. To play clarinet in a jazz band. Or bass guitar.
15. To practice my clarinet, mostly daily
16. To get a schedule, to have more structure in my day
17. Learn to play my Esteban guitar.
18. Learn to play the Casio.
19. Become a professional photographer with access to a dark room
20. Knit a dog sweater
21. Find a niche on Ebay – something to sell that will be mine and go thru the roof
22. To know what to do with Family Land I inherited, to the best of my ability
23. To write a book, then help people with theirs

24. To learn to cook really well and have a professional kitchen
25. To go to Italy, Las Vegas (again), California, Oklahoma, visit friends all over the country

Like Mysti, I'm going to post my list on the sideboard, maybe on the other blog too. Thank you, Mysti (Tracy Jo) for giving me the confidence to air my dreams. You don't know how much your courage affects me.

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MYSTI said...

This is an awesome list. You give me a lot of confidence to my friend. Hugs you. Btw maybe we will be knitting dog sweaters together! :) Grinning wide.

Hugs you big time.

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